Our Community Foundation was established in 2004. The Foundation provides a community-based fund for anyone whose wishes to donate funds to our community.

Your gift to the Cypress River and Area Foundation is an expression of gratitude to the community, and of your desire to benefit future generations.

Your contribution can be made in several ways:
– a gift or pledge of money,
– a bequest in a will,
– a gift of life insurance by naming the Cypress River and Area Foundation as a beneficiary,
– a gift in memory of a relative or friend,
– a multi-year pledge. You make an initial contribution and a commitment to add to the initial donation over a period of years.

Gifts are never “spent” or “used-up”. The funds are invested, and will remain untouched in perpetuity. Only the interest will be used for community projects, thereby creating a growing pool of dollars for the betterment of Cypress River in the future.

Contributions for 2014: $2,489.79

Assets as of December 31, 2020 – $238,111

All gifts are to be made at the Cypress River Branch of Sunrise Credit Union to Tim Klassen, Treasurer of the Foundation. (You will receive a tax receipt only on donations $20 or more).

Or mailed to:

Cypress River and Area Foundation,

Box 86,
Cypress River, MB       R0K 0P0
or more information, contact any Board member:


President – vacant at this time

Vice President – Jim Cassels 204-743-2119

Treasurer – Tim Klassen 204-743-2181

Secretary – Yvonne De Smet 204-743-2322

Anita Gillis – 204-743-2145

Janice Robidoux – 204-743-2268

Marianne Anderson – 204-526-5430

Grants: 2008 – Our first grant was awarded to Cypress Gardens (our arena).

2010 – $800

2011 – $2,000

2012 – $1,600

2013 – $2,000

2014 – $2,100

2015 – $1,600

2016 – $2,000

2017 – $2,400

2018 – $2,400

2019 – $2,600

2020 – $7,100

Total Grants awarded since inception $27,900

Cypress River and Area Foundation – The gift that keeps on giving!